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“A journey to the boundaries of sound with human sensitivity. This is the near future, between science fiction and reality, towards which Suguru Goto, a leading exponent of the new generation of Japanese experimental artists that has made an important contribution to the world.”

From the catalog of Venice Biennale 2009

“The speed of the technological evolution is another challenge. When the artist will have explored an interactive phenomenon, developed an idea of performance, and surmounted all technological obstacles, the invention may already be superseded by a new process. It is surprising to see Japanese Suguro Goto offer a room with this direct link.”

From the magazine « Dancer » (2009.9) in France

Surugu Goto is a media artist, an inventor and a performer and being one of the most innovative, is considered the mouthpiece of a new generation of Japanese artists. He is highly connected to technical experimentation in the artistic field and to the extension of the existing potentialities in the relations of man-machine. In his works, new technologies combine in interactive installations and experimental performances. He is the inventor of these “virtual musical instruments,” having created an interface for the communication between human movements and digital technology, where sound and video imagery are controlled by virtual musical instruments in real-time via computers.

He has been internationally active and has received numerous prizes and fellowships, such as Koussevitzky Prize, BSO fellowships, the first prize at the Marzena, Berliner Kompositionaufträge, a prize by the IMC International Rostrum of Composers in UNESCO, Paris, DIRECAM, French Cultural Minister, Music Theater Award 2008 in Berlin, "OFQJ-dance and new technology prize" at Bains Numérique #4, International Festival of digital art of Enghein-Les-Bains, in France, in 2009, Electronic Sonority Honor Award Prize, FILE PRIX LUX, in Brazil, in 2010, the winner of the Action Sharing 2, in Italy, in 2011, the 2nd prize in the 2013 KAO International Kinetic Art Competition, Prix Ars Electronica 2013 Digital Musics & Sound Art | Honorary Mention and so on. His works have been performed in major festivals, such as Resonaces/IRCAM, Sonar, ICC, Haus der Kultures der Welt, ISEA, NIME, AV Festival, STRP Festival 2009, Venice Biennale, etc.




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