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+The Case Study, “BodySuit” and “RoboticMusic”

+VirtualAERI II

+RoboricMusic at AV Festival 06
+"Augmented Body and Virtual Body" at Utopiales 05
+"Augmented Body and Virtual Body" at Le Cube 06
+netBody-"Augumented Body and Virtual Body II"
+L'homme transcendé
"RoboticMusic" at the 53rd Venice Biennale 2009
+Duali Ver.2



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Duali Ver.2




Suguru Goto: Artistic Direction, Concept, Music,
Programming, Development of BodySuit
Chiharu Otake: BodySuit I Performance, Dance
Mamoru Sakata: BodySuit II Performance, Dance
Laurent Forgues: Technical Assistant


« Duali » is awarded for a Honorary Mention by the Digital Musics & Sound Art of Prix Ars Electronica 2013.



Motion Capture System (BodySuit I and BodySuit II), Interactive Video, and Sound



The inspiration for this work is based upon the idea of performance within the context of new media, dance, music, and images.  Conversely, it really belongs to no style.  The gesture controlled sensors and other continuations, such as WiFi and specialized programming are originally developed.  Utilizing this, the work explores the extension of the potentialities in the relationship of man and machine. This performance specifically exploits the interaction between the body of the performer and video images, and the body of the performer and the architectural/lighting imagery on stage, which the performer can manipulate in real-time with his BodySuit.



This is based upon the concepts of Dualism. Neither are intended to impose superiority or inferiority upon the other, instead both interact with each other in new and different contexts.  For example, with two dancers (seeming to be opposing characters), it expresses the interaction between the video representation and the real bodies present on stage.  In European philosophy, this refers to “mind-body” or “mind-matter dualism”, e.g. Cartesian Dualism, and the Asian philosophy discusses “physical dualism”, e.g. the Chinese Yin and Yang. For example, the stage of performance is regarded as space-architecture or time–body. The dancers consist of female–male or man–machine, and like these, the work expresses its ideas that seem to conflict each other, but actually, these co-exist. The images consist of only black-white, and augmented body–virtual space, the music is sound–noise or expression–abstract, the choreography is meant for rationality–perception or body–machine. One can extend these abstract “dualistic” ideas into the conjunction of geographic and cultural mixtures between Asia and Europe, as well.


Detailed Description of the Gesture Controller – “BodySuit”

"BodySuit" is the name of the Motion Capture System and is intended for the specific use of performance. It has 12 sensors, which are placed on each joint of the body, such as; wrists, elbows, shoulders, ankles, knees and hips. The sensors are fixed on a suit, positioned on the outer side of the arms and the front of the legs.  Additionally there are IMU sensors, which are a combination of gyro-sensor and accelerometer. The sensors are connected with Arduino, which transmits the data through a Wifi system to a computer. Lastly, the signals of OSC (Open Sound Control) are transmitted to the several computers with Max/MSP/Jitter and Processing in order to generate sounds and images in real time.
A gesture doesn't have to be based upon playing a traditional controller or instrument, but could be liberated to become a larger gesture, like a mime. This allows for collaboration with a person in a different field, for instance a dancer or an actor. The audience easily observes this larger movement, which is different from the movement by fingers like performing an instrument. That is to say it can be well adapted to a performance and musical theater situation. Since this is not like a physical controller or instrument, which is handheld, it allows itself to be collaborated with the idea, " Augmented Body" or "Extended Body" in the work. His body is amplified by electric signals to control something remotely or to be extended from his abstract gesture to a meaningful gesture.

Suguru Goto - L'homme transcende´


Suguru Goto - L'homme transcende´





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