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+The Case Study, “BodySuit” and “RoboticMusic”

+VirtualAERI II

+RoboricMusic at AV Festival 06
+"Augmented Body and Virtual Body" at Utopiales 05
+"Augmented Body and Virtual Body" at Le Cube 06
+netBody-"Augumented Body and Virtual Body II"
+L'homme transcendé
"RoboticMusic" at the 53rd Venice Biennale 2009
+Duali Ver.2



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Suguru Goto (Artistic Direction, Concept, Music, Programming, Kinect Development)
Chiharu Otake (Dance)

A movement of dancer is captured by Kinect as Motion Captured System, and it is transformed to be an avatar in virtual space. The avatar moves depending on the movement of dancer’s body, and at the same time, sounds and images are produced in real time. The dancer and the avatar together perform on a stage, thus the dancer in real space and the dancer in virtual space, who do the same movement, coexist simultaneously.
In this work, the performance on the stage is the main form, and this could be a dance, as well as a performance of music. The movement of a body can also be a virtual musical instrument, and the imaged are generated at the same time in real time. Therefore, one single movement can simultaneously produce multiple elements.
The dancer's movement is captured by Kinect, and the data is sent to openFrameworks and Max in order to produce the sounds and the images. OpenNI is used for Kinect, and OpenGL is used for the images. Everything is newly programed for this work.
The title “Hypnoid” means a hyonosis, and refers to the state that could become from being in the state near the sleep, though it awakes. Although it exists in a present real space, it can associate with so-called “a virtual space”. Therefore, it's different from an augmented reality. While one is actually in a space of a present life, one can experience special time and space. This makes people to appreciate again what our real society and our daily life are really meant.
The author has been creating his works with themes, which are based on a body and an extended body, man and machine, coexistence of a real space and a virtual space etc. The performance, the interactive installation and especially the music are conceived with these concepts. In this work, it is particularly created with an inspiration of relationship that the movement of the raw body are reproduced exactly as avatar in the images as the virtual space.


Suguru Goto - L'homme transcende´

Suguru Goto - L'homme transcende´

Suguru Goto - L'homme transcende´

Suguru Goto - L'homme transcende´




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